Weekly Drop: Eastern Block Ladas

I wanted to start a series about stanced cars from the former Eastern Block and initially I thought one post would be enough but now I realize I’ll have to divide it into different posts. This week is LADAs and all their wonderful variants!
Clicking each picture will take you to the original post (source) of the image. I can’t promise that all of them are in English but I can promise you that all of them have more pictures of each car. So click the damn pictures, you don’t wanna make Putin mad, do you?

Let’s take it chronologically and crazylogically (I invented this word, pay me to use it or I’ll sue you American style :P)! First off, a classic Lada done in a pretty conservative way. Classic yet pretty unlikely for westerners.

Now a JDM one, with overfenders and a great big Japanese flag on the trunk. Not too crazy and definitely more eastern, far more eastern actually 😉

Ok, one more! This time a more modern version of the timeless classic, with some nice JDM inspired mods.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention this baby: a classic running on BMW E21 independent rear suspension. The full write-up is @Stanceworks if you click the image!

How about the Samara? This one made waves when it first came out, from the absolutely slammed stanced to the wheels and the ITBs, everything screams! Screams what? Irrelevant!

And a rat-rod-ish take on the same Lada Samara, this time a sedan. It’s like Mother Russia is stuck between eastern Japanese and western American styles of slammage. I love it either way!

Be sure to check back next week for more eastern goodness. Gaz, Zaz and ther *azzes 🙂