BMW E92 335i

This was the second photshop I did for Supercar magazine’s contest, after the Opel Corsa one. Since they realized that I was the only one really competing (;)), they asked me to stop submitting work so other people can win. They offered me a collaboration and I got to do 3d models of unreleased cars based on nothing more than spy photos.
Looking back at this, I’d say it’s a bit tacky. I was going for the bird of pray look hence the lights and the talon-like spoked wheels. The name was meant to suggest that the new twin turbo engine will bring out the beast in the BMW 6-cylinder motor.



Dacia 1410 Sport

They made this in Romania in the 80s. They are basically chopped and shortened Renault 12s without any performance whatsoever. I happen to own one which is currently being restored and I was fooling around with it for the final paint scheme. Here it is in the colors of the Romanian Air Force a seen on the IAR 80 in the WW2!

All it needs now is a Gordini engine!

All it needs now is a Gordini engine!