Games I play: GTA5

This might not be an obvious choice for the gearhead out there but besides being one of the best open world games ever, the realistic cars and the customization options are top notch!
The amount of love the guys at Rockstar put into these vehicles is amazing, something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I started modeling 3d cars for games. There are enough parts to make this better than a lot of “tuning games” out there.
There are also subtle hints and easter eggs when it comes to everything, from the car names to the part names. If you’re a gearhead, this game will provide plenty of satisfaction 😀

This first one is a Benefactor Schwartzer aka Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe (or CLK if you forgot they changed the designation :P). It has some nice tuning options like race inspired bumpers and a rollcage so you can build your own hardcore Black Edition inspired track day car.

Now for the Karin Intruder which is made with parts from various Japanese luxury sedans. Getting this maxed out will get you a nice VIP style car, too bad the wheel offsets are sooo bad on this one 🙁

This is a van (forgot the name). I was surprised to see I can put an external oil cooler and a rollcage on it. Yay, drift van I thought to myself and added some wheels that look a lot like Volk’s TE37Vs. Too bad maxing out the performance still isn’t enough to make this fast. At least it looks drift-ready!

This looks like a cross between a late model Mitsubishi Eclipse and an Audi TT. From this gayest of car intercourse comes this pretty cool-looking car that you can make into a race inspired street machine with very good handling and performance.

Last but not least, this is the Pfister Comet, an quite obvious 911. I tried to emulate what Nakai San of Rauh Welt would do to a 911 and I giggled like a car nerd I am when I discovered that these aftermarket wheels are called “Ruff Weld” (you can see them closer on the first picture of the Mer… I mean Benefactor)

PS: You’ll have to excuse the low resolution screnshots, that’s the best the in-game cellphone can take and until I get a capture card or the PC version, this is the best I can do 🙁